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Handles the Clinical Practice Document management process for patient medical records and patient visit transactions, as well as free and prescription drug transactions. Integrated starting from patient registration to payment at checkout ...

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Rp5.750.000 per system

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Featured Features:

Send Daily Report via Email (Automatic)

Every day (as time specified) the program can automatically send daily recapitulation report to Email Owner / Clinic Manager (can send to multiple emails at once).

Can be accessed Offline & Online

The Application Program runs offline, but can also be accessed directly via the internet, either via laptop, tablet or smartphone (especially if the owner / manager desires immediate access at any time to the application in realtime)

Unlimited Poly Type

Poly name / type can be added, there is no limit to the number of existing poly (eg General, Children, Obstetrics, Eyes, Teeth, ENT, Surgery, etc.)

Laboratory & Radiology Module

The Lab and Radiology Module is integrated with Doctor Examination Module, so when the doctor asks for a Lab or Radiology check, it is directly connected to the Cashier (for payment) and Lab or Radiology Section for filling in the Inspection Result and print the result of the examination.

List of Insurance / Guarantor and Rate per Action per Insurance

as underwriter Patient care, setup data rate of action per insurance / guarantee company

Complete Accounting Module

Accounting Application is a separate way, but it is connected with the cashier, so that every transaction that happens in the cashier directly posted to the journal accounting in realtime. Available Full Report, starting from Journal, Ledger, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss

HRD & Payroll Modules

To make it easier to manage the Clinical manifest resources, as well as payroll calculations. Includes PPH21 Tax Calculation, Insurance BPJS Employment and Health Cuts.

Key Features:

Multi User

position: management / administrator / receptionist / pharmacy / doctor / cashier, per user has access rights respectively

System Security

encrypted login, auto-logout, lock screen, permissions restriction, data-only delete rights belong to Adminsitrator

Backup Database

run manually and automatically on a specified schedule. The backup location can also be determined by itself.

Export-Import Data to / from Excel

to facilitate and speed up patient data entry, drug / bhp / alkes and tariff measures (especially for long-established clinics)

Patient Enrollment

Each patient is divided into 3 types: general, insurance and employees (corporate guarantee)

Patient Birthday Notice (Automatic)

Every day the program will display all data of patients who are repeated-year that day, including Name, Phone Number and Address

Doctor Data, Midwife, Nurse

includes a fee-per-action setup for each doctor / midwife / nurse

Printing Patient Cards (including Photo & Barcode)

Provided Patient Card Printing Module which supports reading through Barcode Scanner

Tariff Data (Services, Action)

is provided in price variations (General patient, Insurance tariff / Company)

Check History

show all history data, diagnostics, preliminary examinations, actions, prescription and referrals (from start to finish)

Medication Stock

covering stock quantity, minimum stock, buy price, selling price, expired date of drug and unit (buy / sell)

Medicine Stock Card

to make it easier to see the entire transaction history of a drug within a certain period

Care Transaction

for payment process of patient care / treatment + print invoice / struk (wide and small format)

Sales Transactions

for payment process of purchase of over-the-counter medicines, clinic prescriptions, external recipes + print invoice / struk

Purchase Transactions

for the medicine / ingredients / alkes process which includes: purchase invoice, supplier and payment due date

Transaction Data

to review all patient care / medication transaction history, drug purchases and sales

Inter-User Chat Module

to facilitate communication between users and between sections, if there are obstacles in data entry process

Sales Report

there are many comprehensive report formats, on a daily basis, per month, per insurance, per drug type, etc.